As we continuously look to improve in our patients' care. We have talked to several patients who would like us to return closer to full weeks. In an effort to meet this need, we will no longer be closed every other Friday.

In its place, we will have half-days on every other Friday going forward. On the shortened Fridays, our last scheduled patient appointment will be at 10:30a. Please see the below calendar for our office schedule.


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What in the world is prediabetes? It used to be known as “borderline diabetes.” And it is a big health problem in Alabama. It’s when people’s blood sugar levels are above the normal 140, and are measuring between 140 and 190. They’re not ‘officially’ diabetic - and if you find yourself in this prediabetic range, you are not ‘doomed’ to become fully diabetic.

But, if you are in this range, there are some things that you need to do in order to avoid becoming fully diabetic.

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Be sure to check out the new Patient Portal (to the right). This site allows you to request appointments and refills, and it also lets you pay your bill online.

New patients will be able to fill out registration forms before they come into the office!


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